Audi S2 RS2 Competition parts

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Audi S2 RS2 Competition parts Empty Audi S2 RS2 Competition parts

Post by Mantas_quattro on Wed Nov 25, 2015 3:47 pm

I have sold an Audi S2 replica. If some one are interested, there left lots of parts from like:

Front intercooler pipe from ABY;
S2 front hubs with 2 cyl. brake calipers;
S2 rear hubs;
S2 / RS2 / 20V front steel forks;
S2 / RS2 rear upper steel forks;
S2 tacho with VDO;
Rear / tail lamps black Treser for limo;
RS2 original tail lamp middle panel;
RS2 orig. front bumper with lamps;
RS2 orig. rear bumper;
RS2 orig. front hood grill;
RS2 replica mirrors;
Competition rear spoiler from aluminium;
Competition interior from 1995 y. make, with passenger air bag;
UR Audi Sport leather steering wheel;
And some other parts. I will try to make pictures of all patrs.

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