Steering wheel is too far

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Steering wheel is too far

Post by $küll on Mon Mar 07, 2011 11:35 am

Probably many of you have problems with the sitting position in your car. I am almost 2m long, and i feel leike the pedals are too close. I already had to modify the rs2 recaros subrame, because i just could not sit in them, as they were way to high + i have the sunroof. I have reset the seat subframe, so it sits as back and as low as it can, but the driving position was wrong because of the steering wheel being too far.

I have cured it with a 1" spacer, used between the steering wheel and the steering wheel hub... it feels so much better, i will add another cm to it. With my (long) fingers i can still easly reach the stalks too.

1" spacers:

using a second hub gaitor makes it look perfectly OE.

Try it, it is a great mod.

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